Who are we

R O Y A L & R E G A L

We are a Young, innovative, empowering, fear less and forward thinking Sri Lankan fashion
brand, inspired by the day-to-day lifestyle of the bold Sri Lankan Youth. We design and create
our merchandise inspired and enlightened by you, our clients, our friends and global influences:
runway, celebrity, social media, bloggers and street style, creating a cyberspace fashion
destination that surrounds and celebrates everything it means to be a girl in a digitally engaged
With many designs introduced every day, And local orders delivered as fast as twenty minutes
since you place one, We’re not just your average social media store, we’re rapid fashion, we’re
one of a kind and we make sure you get to explore into the killer garms from Royal & Regal as
much as a hot-off-the stove pizza. Our pieces are exclusive. Dreamed and designed by our very
own homegrown Sri Lankan designers who strive for believers, taking risks that no one else dares
to take.
And most importantly, we believe style is a right, not a luxury, and intent that the Sri Lankan
woman gets the most affordable prices and trends on a global scale, Along with free Local &
International Shipping, we’re here for the good times to roll.
Welcome to our world.